Let Your Guests Be Instant MUSIC VIDEO ROCK STARS!

Fun interactive event entertainment that brings guest together, provides something new almost every minute and promotes you long after the party!

At your next event, let your guests star in their own on-the-spot music videos that everyone sees as it happens, and participant get to take home. The best part- we have the talent part covered! Participants don't have to sing or dance for their 90 seconds of fame, just bounce their head around AND HAVE FUN! We use green screen technology that superimposes participant's heads on dancers' bodies in music videos.

Getting your "Groove Head On," is hysterical and brings people together as no other entertainment can. Suitable for all audiences and a huge hit at any type of corporate, social and promotional event!  Your guest will enjoy up to 10 to 20 new shows per hour with up to three guests performing during each show. We even provide costumes to really add to the fun!

Want to Watch? 

No Problem! As participants perform, other guests see the final video on a large plasma TV screen and at many events, we play the shows throughout the venue on their internal TV monitors, so everyone can enjoy the shows.

Let Us Promote YOU

We go beyond event entertainment and become a long-term promotional tool that your potential customers will keep and show their friends because they are part of the ad. How? We custom print your advertising message or brand on each souvenir DVD that participants take home and show their family and friends!

Making Fox 10 Music Video Stars

Event Guests Getting Their Groove Heads On For the First Time

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